Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Frozen chicken don't have to taste like frostbit ass.

We buy bags of frozen chicken because they are convenient and in the long run cheaper. I don't know why I feel the need to defend myself but hey I do so...

I've been making fairly quick and tasty dish: Chicken in a pan. With vegetables. Don't go nuts all at once now. Here's the break down.

Frozen chicken breast(s) - not thawed.
A cup or two of vegetable or chicken stock.
A liberal dose of oil - olive, whatever you want.
A good splash of vermouth.
A good splash of Rose's Lime Juice.
A punch of Kosher Salt.
Black pepper.
A couple of good doses of Top Secret spice mix.
A fistful of crushed garlic cloves...or less if you're not a garlic fan.
Some kind of herb - whatever you have sitting around and want to use.
A skillet/saute pan with a lid.

Heat up your skillet over med heat, crush the garlic, heat the oil, brown the garlic, gently place the frozen (not thawed) chicken breasts in the pan. Add everything into the pan, cover the chicken in spices and herbs, leave the heat where it is, cover the pan. Go smoke a cigarette or switch out the laundry or watch Robot Chicken then come back. Turn the chicken over, add more stock/broth, spices, herbs. Cover. Prep whatever vegetables you want - I like to use red peppers and onions but I'm sure anything would work. Start your rice or pasta or whatever you want. Look at the chicken, does the chicken look done? Does the liquid on the bottom look kind of good and browned and kind of saucy? OK, take the chicken out and put it aside on a plate. Put the prepped vegetables in the pan and move them around until they are done. I usually slice up the chicken and add it back to the mix and turn off the heat and cover until my rice or pasta is done. Add your chicken to whatever and eat. Yay! Dinner!