Thursday, January 3, 2008


Thanks to friend Farley for the gift of a cast iron skillet. I kind of love it. A lot. Every time I cook with it I love it more. I have to admit that I felt a bit strange making tofu stir fry in it.

I've looked around on the internet for recipes and have found some good ones but most of them seem like home cooking. I love home cooking and love cooking at home but with this new diet bacon is kind of a no no and some of the dishes that sound awesome - baked cheezy potatoes and cornbread - but I don't think they are on the list.

What do you guys think? Any ideas?


Chris said...

ahhh... i have been pining for a cast iron of my own...

besides the vegan cooking (they have to come up with handy ways of faking things like bacon) i can't think of anything off hand... will keep thinking though.

Jenna said...

How the frack do you stir fry tofu in a cast iron skillet when I can't get it to hold together in a nonstick? Or are you crumbling it deliberately? I'm talking cubes, baby. Report.