Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Leaving a carbon footprint on your neck.

Recently I have become more and more irritated by the current incarnation of the 21st Century White Man's Burden Fad - Global Warming and assorted handwringing.

I have mellowed over the years. I used to be far more pessimistic - a common catchphrase was "Pave the Rainforest." Now I'm of the opinion that Mother Nature is going to fine without us and realistically would be better off without us. However we/us/you/I should at the very least be considerate of our fellow man and our surroundings, etc, etc, etc, stop driving gas guzzlers, etc,
The one thing that really chaps my ass about the entire "green" marketing campaign is simply the fact that common sense has been replaced by over priced and has corporate slime all over it.

Windex with Vinegar. Are you kidding me? For five bucks I can get Windex with vinegar added in? Hey, for less than a buck I can get a jug of regular white vinegar to clean with. In case you didn't know this you only need a handful of cleaning products for your home - unless you don't clean then never mind.

1. Bleach. Regular old cheap bleach.

2. White vinegar. The stuff for .99 is better than good enough.

3. Baking soda.

You can clean your house for less than $5.00 without lord only knows what is actually in Windex.

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