Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Grilled cheese & chicken sandwich of DOOM!

I hope -since I am on vacation for July - that I will be able to get some posts on here. Amanda is working and I am running the household. That's just fine by me since I am getting back into cooking and it's kind of nice to call her and put in orders for ingredients for dinner.

Yesterday I baked a chicken. Nothing terribly fancy though I did brine/marinade it for a good part of the day in kosher salt, limeade, coarse ground pepper, and something else. With the price increases on pretty much everything I have to say that a whole chicken is still the cheapest way to get your chicken fix. I slow cooked the bird and there was plenty left over. Fortunately Amanda likes leg & thigh and I'm a white meat fan - huh huh huh breasts.

With my leftover breast - huh huh huh - I tossed it in the microwave and prepped the grilled cheese. I picked up some unsalted butter from the store the other day from Challenge Dairy. It's my new favorite butter and it's cheaper than Land O'Lakes. I melted some of that and put Original Hot Mister Mustard - not the Sweet - on my bread.

Put on some Pepper Jack cheese, candied Jalapenos, thin sliced white onion, and the sliced chicken. Cooked, considered taking a picture, and then ate the sandwich before I could reach the camera. Next time I'll make sure to have a camera handy.

How do you folks dig your grilled cheese?


BC3 said...

I would eat mine with tomatoes and bacon!

...or if I was lazy pickles and catsup.

TBD said...

grilled cheese?

I've been making mine with cream cheese instead of regular cheese. add a few basil leaves and some red onion. fuck to the yeah!